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Matteo G. Barocci


UTOPHA is a company that has focused heavily on dynamism and quality. Its’ identity finds its best expression in a combination of commercial elasticity And simplified communication. In this smart friendly way, however, there is a careful management of the business processes responsible for the quality of the service. Our work combines the mental openness typical of our land, with an attention to detail that we do not exist to define maniacal. We have tried to inspire us to make the values of the Emilia-Romagna companies that have made tradition an incandescent and flexible element to forge it with passion and bring change.

The Company

Emanuel Peruzzi

Marketing Director

Barbara Franciosi


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Via G.B. Morgagni, 14 47864- Pennabilli (Rn) Italy +39 (0)541 929907 +39 (0)541 929172 info@utopha.it