Controllo delle temperature

Temperature Control

Temperature Control and system stability is our first priority. The entire surfaced used for storing the drug has been thermally insulated. Inside, two air conditioning systems operate in parallel so that even in the event of a fault, one always remains operational. The cold room is of the latest generation and allows the operator to be accommodated for the preparation of packages inside. Our drugs never leave at the temperature control area except to be loaded onto the vehicles. All areas of the company are equipped with thermal probes, periodically calibrated, connected to a computer that operates the systems to maintain the parameters in the individual compartments. The temperature are reported to a system that traces the graphs of the trend and is accessible in real time To the authorized parties directly on our site. In case of anomaly, the responsible parties are contacted via the network. Both the management computer and the connection router are connected to uninterruptible power supplies. In the event of a voltage blackout, the aforementioned computer operates the external generator. We are able to be self-sufficient from an energy point of view, the fuel autonomy of 72 hours provides an adequate safety interval. The entire system is interconnected and computerized and respects the principle of industry 4.0.